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Sunflower Seeds

£0.39 (per 100g)

Sunflower Kernels.

These Sunflower Seeds are hulled meaning that they have had the hard outer layer removed making it easier to access the nutrition inside the seed.

These little powerhouses of nutrition are great all round for providing lots of useful vitamins and mineral. They are, for example, a wonderful source of Vitamin E which promotes good skin and hair health. they also contain manganese, magnesium, selenium, copper, Vitamin B1 and B6, folate to name but a few. Magnesium is good for your muscles, good for your skeleton and good for your nervous system, it helps to promote good moods. Selenium is an antioxidant that is good for thyroid health.

Packed with protein and fibre sunflower kernels make a good snack that you can carry around with you. You could try dry roasting to bring out the flavour and add your favourite seasoning
You could also try sprinkling a small handful on your salad or on your breakfast cereal to give both a mighty nutritional boost.

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