Try the Breakfasts, biscuits with no added sugar, made with wholegrains (high fibre content) and high-oleic sunflower oil

Jordans Country Crisp Chunky Nut is the ideal way to start your day - with it's amazing flavour as well as great nutritious benefits!

Jumbo Oats

(per 100g)

Jumbo Oats are so versatile – a true cupboard staple.

Jumbo oats are large and flat and give more bite to your porridge than the rolled ones.  It really does come down to personal preference.  If you prefer the softer rolled oats for a more creamy concoction then shop for our gluten free rolled oats.

You may already know that porridge oats are a source of beta-glucans, but do you know what they do?  Consumption of beta-glucans from oats as part of a meal contributes to the reduction of the blood glucose rise after that meal (this is why porridge keeps you going).

Jumbo Oats Organic

(per 100g)

Organic Jumbo Oats are so versatile – a true cupboard staple.

Organic Jumbo Oats contain Beta-Glucans. Oats are most commonly used for making warming porridge but they can be used for so many things; oats make a great crumble topping, creamy face mask, rich milky bath or crumbly biscuit.

Allergens: gluten



Bran Enriched Wheat Flakes.

High in a superior fibre

Natural grains

Suitable for vegetarians

Halal - HFA approved

Kosher - MK

Chocolate Flavour Toasted Rice.
50% of your daily vitamin D needs. No artificial colours or sweeteners. Suitable for vegetarians. Halal - HFA approved. Kosher.Just as delicious chocolatey yumminess 30% less sugar?? ??30% less sugar on average than other chocolate flavoured toasted rice cereals. Added goodness? ?Contains ?15% RI vitamin D which contribute to the maintenance of normal bones.

Golden Flakes of Corn with Sugar, Peanuts and Honey.

Wholewheat flakes with raisins, coconut, banana, apple and hazelnuts. There's more to Kellogg's Fruit 'n Fibre than just incredible taste!

Source of vitamin D, B1, B3, B6, B9 & B12 and Iron.
Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.
50% of your daily vitamin D needs, Snap, crackle, pop, Natural grains, Added goodness, No artificial colours or flavours, Suitable for vegetarians, Halal - HFA approved, Kosher

Crunchy Rice, Wholewheat and Barley Flakes with Freeze Dried Red Fruits.Enjoy the special K range as part of a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Ready-To-Eat Toasted Cereal Of Oats, Chocolate, Mixed Nuts and Seeds.

Gently toasted pecans were chosen for this Granola for their lovely warm, golden taste, and are balanced with black treacle for an added rich, dark flavour. This Granola was category winner at the Great Taste Awards in 2009, so you know it’s good!!

Luxury Muesli

(per 100g)

Our  Luxury Muesli is a luxurious mix of flakes, Nuts, and delicious fruits. In fact the high contents of fruit and nuts, as well as soya flakes give this Muesli cereal a crunchy chewy texture and nutty, fruity flavour.

Millet Flakes Organic

(per 100g)

Organic Millet Flakes

Millet flakes are cooked very quickly in just seven minutes and standing is not necessary. Add to other flakes for a varied breakfast cereal. Delicious with fresh fruit and yoghurt.

Nutritionally, millet closely resembles oats. Millet is rich in iron and minerals, particularly silicon. It also has a naturally small gluten content.

At Mornflake, we’ve been milling the mighty oat since 1675 – that’s fifteen generations of our family business sustained by this glorious grain! But the Great British Oat keeps more than our mill going. Our creamy Swiss style muesli is a mighty blend of oats, nuts and fruits to start your day in the tastiest way.

Mornflake Superfast Oats are a source of wholegrain and protein.

We carefully cut the oats into three before gently rolling them. The smaller oat flakes absorb the water or milk quicker, making them cook superfast, perfect for a smooth and creamy porridge.

Classic Fruit & Fibre - Raisins, Banana, Coconut & Hazlenuts. Toasted & Sweetened Wholewheat Flakes with Dried & Sweetened Fruits and Nuts with Added Vitamins and IRON. 

Our high fibre Fruit, Nut & Seed Granola combines our signature oats, toasted, with no added sugar – just the natural sweetness of juicy raisins.

Mornflake classic oat Crunchy Cereal is packed with nutritional goodness and full of flavour! The finest oats are freshly milled and toasted in their unique way - then combined with juicy Raisins, golden Honey and Almond pieces to create the tastiest, crunchiest clusters. They're full of wholegrain too, providing plenty of fibre and energy. With such a nutritious and delicious start to your day it's hard to resist refilling your bowl!

Mornflake Luxury Crisp Maple & Pecan is a delicious collection of toasted oat and crisps rice clusters bundled together with pecan nuts and topped with maple syrup.


Try the Breakfasts, biscuits with no added sugar, made with wholegrains (high fibre content) and high-oleic sunflower oil

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